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I’m quoted in an article from Information Today on the LibreDigital efforts to create AllAccess platforms that allow digital books to be readable for a variety of devices. In other words: digital books will be accessible from a whole ton of different devices like phones, digital readers, and computers, and will be formatted correctly for each. In OTHER other words: more books to read=yay!

My quote addresses the need for publishers to embrace the idea that a digital book can be read on a multitude of devices because most of us have more than one device:

Sarah Wendell, who blogs about romance novels as Smart Bitch Sarah at the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books blog (, points out that the accessibility and portability of the AllAccess approach is hugely appealing to women readers, who not only comprise the biggest percentage of fiction readers (romance fiction alone generated $1.37 billion in U.S. sales in 2008) but tend to read in small chunks of time. “Women are the biggest multitaskers around. The danger to publishing isn’t that readers will choose something else to read if they can’t access a particular book. It’s that they’ll choose something else to do entirely,” Wendell says.

For LibreDigital, AllAccess represents an evolution in the services it has provided to publishers over the past decade. Six of the top 10 book publishers use Digital Warehouse, LibreDigital’s solution for storing, accessing, distributing, and repurposing published content and for tracking its data; and BookBrowse, a technology that replicates the offline experience of book buying by allowing readers to flip through the pages of a book. Additionally, 175 periodicals including newspapers, magazines, and trade journals are using LibreDigital’s iBrowse to provide a digital replica of the classic news reading experience.

Women multitask. Women read. Often, reading is the only time when we’re only doing one thing – and publishers need to make books easier to get, not harder.

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