SheKnows Romance Reading List

Posted August 05, 2010 to Digital, Media Appearances

I’m over at giving a hot pile of summer reading – all romance, of course. If you’re looking for something to read, how about 5 Sizzlin Romance Reads for Summer Digital books, print books, historical books, contemporary – they’re all in there.

Romance is often dismissed as mindless dreck with predictable plots, but really, the best of romance is far from mindless and silly. Each of these books — and many others — feature savvy, sharp women, and stories that won’t let go of you.

So they are perfect for a hot, sunny day when you want to relax and escape for a few hours to find your own happily ever after.

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My Summer Reading List

Posted August 04, 2010 to Digital, Media Appearances

How in the name of hot reading did I forget to link this here?! What on earth was I doing, reading books?!!

I created a hot summer reading list for, including books from paranormal, contemporary, and historical authors.

Even if you’re not at the beach or anywhere near sandy relaxation, a great romance novel can provide the perfect escape from everyday stress. The best part of romance fiction is that happy endings are guaranteed. While the perfect tan requires careful sunscreen, enjoying a romance requires only two things: a belief that everyone deserves a happily-ever-after, and the ability to ignore anyone who sniffs at your choice of reading material. A good romance novel is like the perfect day at the beach: wonderful and restorative from start to finish.

The best part, though, are the comments, like this one from Matt: “A friend of mine buys romance books and leaves them around for her teen-age son to pick up. She thinks that the books contain some good role models for the kid, who like many, is growing up with a single parent who hasn’t had a lot of luck in real life romance. I think he probably likes the sexy parts, but if he can learn anything about mutual respect and how not to smother his girlfriends with demands and jealousy, I’m all for it. From what I’ve seen of the new romance novels the female leads are not the weak Cinderella types, either – a lot of them may be insecure but they get their acts together by the end of the books. (Yep, I’m a reader, too – although the pink & rose bodice-ripper covers have to be hidden when I commute to work.)”

And also, this comment from Dabney rocks my socks: “this article, up front and center, about romance novels made me realize that the site still is capable of greatness.” Dabney and Matt, drinks are on me.

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Twitter: I’m not me me me!

Posted April 22, 2010 to Digital, Media Appearances

Kristine Rusch writes in her article about social networking about how she found me, the site, and my social network:

If you haven’t read last week’s post on Online Networking, double back and do so now. With the help of writer Ryan Viergutz, I explained how people use the internet to network and to gather information. In private e-mails, a few of you expressed concern that I was confusing networking with marketing in that post. But I didn’t: as you’ll see in the next few posts, online networking and marketing go hand-in-hand.

I think this is best summed up by Sarah Wendell who, along with Candy Tan, writes a marvelous blog about romance novels called Smart Bitches Trashy Books. Smart Bitch Sarah, as she signed her letter to me, also has her own blog,

She wrote, “I network on the internet by talking to people who share my interest or by answering questions from those who are curious. It helps my business, but then, my business is creating a space for conversations about romance novels.”

I found her via Twitter, but I found her blog because of a review of a book she and Candy Tan wrote called Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches’ Guide to Romance Novels. (It’s in my Recommended Reading list. Check it out here.) What I like about Sarah’s Tweets are the fact that they maintain the same attitude as her blog, but they also provide a link to the romance community online, since she forwards other people’s tweets (called retweeting, for those of you not on Twitter) and she often has links to good blog posts elsewhere.

In other words, her networking isn’t just me, me, me. It’s useful and fascinating and opens doors to other worlds.

Ok, that’s about one of the finest compliments I’ve ever received, especially since I was absolutely dumbfounded by Twitter when I first signed on. “What are YOU doing?” “I’m drinking an import and watching the market returns!” Thank you, Kris!

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Behold, The Bitches...

Podcast 162, Your Fine Transcript is Ready!

Posted by SB Sarah on Saturday, 10.10.15

Crochet Pattern: Tie-Dye Hat

Awhile back I reviewed the Fiberista Club Box and I was thrilled by the beautiful yellow/orange yarn I received. It was bright and cheerful, and I wanted to use it to make something whimsical. By “whimsical” I mean something so bright that when I get...

Posted by Elyse on Friday, 10.09.15

Check It Out!

I was a guest on The Gayle King show on October 10, talking about Everything I Know About Love, I Learned from Romance Novels. Here’s a 1:10 clip from the show where I highlight the top two lessons learned from reading romance novels. I received a TON of compliments about my necklace and my shoes […]


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